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International agricultural exhibition “Ka pasesi… 2019” will take place at Agriculture Academy of Vytautas Magnus University (present - Aleksandras Stulginskis University) in Akademija, Kaunas dist., Lithuania, on April 4-6, 2019.


Topics of exhibition:

  •  agriculture technique;
  •  agriculture constructional technique and equipment;
  •  water and heating equipment;
  •  fertilizers and plant protection agents;
  •  gardening, vegetable-growing and floriculture;
  •  agricultural science and advisory services;
  •  off-road and specialized cars for agriculture;
  •  handcrafts and rural trades;
  •  agricultural publications and advertising.


Exhibition “Ka pasesi… 2018” involved 310 companies, institutions, organizations and about 200 small-scale producers and sellers. 29 participants came from abroad (Estonia, France, Germany, Latvia, Poland, Russia and Ukraine). 15% of exhibitors participated for the first time. The exhibition attracted huge crowds - about 100 thousand of visitors. People flocked to the exhibition not only from Lithuania but also from 18 countries around a world.

We kindly invite your company to take part in exhibition “Ka pasesi… 2019”.

Registration deadline is January 14, 2019.

Former participants has just to renew registration.


Contact us: +370 37 78 81 19; +370 37 75 23 73; e-mail:  mtp.zua@vdu.lt.

We look forward to meet you at the Exhibition!



The main sponsor of the exhibition