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International Agricultural Exhibition “Ką pasėsi... 2017“ on March 30 - April 1 will be held in the Aleksandras Stulginskis University (Akademija, Kaunas distr., Lithuania). This is the twenty second “Ką pasėsi...“ and a total of forty-fourth exhibition held at the University.

300 companies and organizations, about 200 small-scale farmers, producers, artisans will participate in “Ką pasėsi... 2017“. 19 companies come from abroad – Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Latvia, Estonia and Ukraine. Exhibitors are waiting for partners from 16 countries around the world.

Most numerous in the exhibition will be the agricultural machinery expositions – it will take 41 000 sq. m. and is 32 % bigger than last year.

Pavilions No. 2 and No. 3, will house 120 companies presenting plant care products, small-scale agricultural techniques and technologies, farm equipment, consulting and other services and products. Pavilion No. 1 will be full of agricultural technics represented by two companies.

For a years, 10 most outstanding exhibits are awarded with the exhibition “Ką pasėsi... 2017“ medals and diplomas. The awards ceremony will take place on 28 March (Tuesday) at 14.00 in ASU IV palace (Universiteto g. 8A, Akademija, Kaunas distr.).

As every year, the exhibition has rich educational program. Thirty-two seminars covers a whole range of subjects.

Admission and all events of “Ką pasėsi... 2017“ is free. Opening hours 9.00-17.00.

Formal exhibition “Ką pasėsi... 2017“ opening will take place in the pavilion No. 2, March 30 on 11.00.

Each day of the exhibition at 14.00 visitors and guests will enjoy the festive parade, organized by main sponsor of the exhibition JSC "Dojus agro” celebrating its 25-th anniversary.






The main sponsor of the exhibition: